Biden’s Feckless Leadership Makes the New Axis of Evil Stronger

September 11, 2023

On the 22nd anniversary of 9/11, we as a nation remember those who were brutally murdered and hold their families in our hearts. 

Recent actions by the Biden administration demonstrate a lack of regard for the lessons of history and the threat posed by the New Axis of Evil. Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea are on the march against the U.S., and Biden’s refusal to answer this threat projects weakness and makes the world a more dangerous place. From his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan to his constant appeasement of Communist China, Biden has revealed his Achilles’ heel – namely, his total unwillingness to challenge our adversaries on the world stage.

In the latest example of the New Axis of Evil’s growing strength, the BRICS group recently decided to accept Iran – a U.S.-designated State Sponsor of Terrorism – and Saudi Arabia into the fold. The group’s increased control over the world’s oil production will give them more economic and political strength which should worry the U.S. and our allies. 

Meanwhile, Communist China continues to increase its espionage activities on U.S. soil. Chinese nationals have accessed U.S. bases and other sensitive sites at least 100 times in recent years. Many times, these spies pose as tourists and take pictures of sensitive military sites. These are blatant attacks on our sovereignty, yet Biden keeps sending U.S. officials to Beijing to appease the CCP. Why does Biden want to strengthen ties with a country trying to usurp America as the world’s superpower? 

It’s not just Beijing. North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin are reportedly meeting to discuss arms sales. Allegedly, in exchange for advanced technology for satellites and nuclear armed submarines, Putin will receive artillery shells and antitank missiles to fuel his war in Ukraine. Putin also plans to send food to North Korea, leaving Pyongyang free to prioritize military funding over food production. Meanwhile, private military companies linked to Russian security forces and Kremlin-tied oligarchs are absorbing Wagner fighters into their ranks, allowing the Kremlin to kill even more Ukrainians and maintain Russia’s influence in Africa. Biden’s forceful response to this aggressive maneuver? Nonexistent.  

Iran, which has declared its desire to destroy the U.S. and Israel, poses a greater threat every day. Tehran has reportedly amassed enough uranium for five nuclear weapons. Moreover, Iran has largely blocked the International Atomic Energy Agency from investigating undeclared nuclear material found in the country in 2019 and refused to let the agency install more cameras in its facilities. Instead of putting enormous pressure on the regime, Biden is offering Iran a sweetheart deal in the form of ongoing hostage negotiations.

The increasing aggressiveness of the New Axis of Evil is proof that America’s adversaries are undeterred by Joe Biden’s foreign policy. When they see Biden, they see a nation in decline, and their resolve to achieve global domination grows stronger every day. The situation demands a strong leader who seeks peace through strength, not appeasement at any cost.