From tomatoes in the east to cotton in the west, Tennessee has a rich and diverse agricultural industry that is vital to our state’s economy. 

Health Care

Tennessee has historically been home to healthcare innovation. From health insurance to hospital care, the Mid-South leads the nation in healthcare. 

Jobs and Economy

I believe in freedom, free people, and free markets. The surest path to economic growth is through a small, limited government that controls spending, promotes growth, and does not overburden its citizens with taxes and regulations.  across the nation. 

National Security

One of my greatest responsibilities as your Senator is to be an active steward of our national security and military. America shines as the beacon of freedom in a dangerous and dynamic world. 


America is a country governed by the rule of law. I have strongly opposed executive amnesty and the spread of sanctuary cities and states that operate as lawless havens for illegal immigrants. 


Our nation stands as a firm beacon of liberty because of the powerful sacrifices our veterans have made to preserve our freedom. 


Closing the digital divide will continue to be a top priority of mine in the Senate. You can’t have 21st century healthcare, 21st century education, or a 21st century economy without 21st century internet that can be accessed by Tennesseans in the rural countryside as well as big cities and towns. 


Affordable energy is essential to a thriving economy for our state. Our national energy policy should promote a diverse, domestic energy supply that reduces our dependence on foreign energy sources. 


A quality education is needed to prepare every student in Tennessee for the opportunities and challenges of life in the 21st century. Education should help students gain the skills they need for whatever path they choose. Tennessee’s great teachers know their students and help them overcome challenges. 


As a leader in the pro-life community, I am committed to supporting and defending the sanctity of life at every stage of development. Every life is precious, and we must work to build a culture that respects the right to life.