This Independence Day, We Must Restore American Patriotism

June 30, 2023

As we approach Independence Day, we must acknowledge a troubling reality: America is experiencing a crisis of confidence. Only 38% of U.S. adults say that patriotism is important to them compared to 70% in 1998. A recently released poll found that only 39% of Americans were “extremely proud” to be American – the second-lowest number ever recorded. These trends should concern every American who cares about our country and its future.

The reason for this decline in national pride is no mystery. In many schools, education has been replaced with indoctrination, and the teaching of critical race theory and radical gender ideology has become pervasive. Almost 6,000 public schools around the country prevent faculty and staff from notifying a child’s parents without the child’s permission if the student decides to change his or her gender. Meanwhile, The New York Times’ 1619 Project, which falsifies parts of American history and insists that America is systemically racist and rotten to the core, is taught in public schools around the country.

Instead of teaching civics the traditional way, many schools now teach action civics – a woke alternative that encourages students to engage in protests related to certain left-wing causes. Given the state of our education system, it should be no surprise that a mere 25% of students achieve the “proficient” standard on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) civics assessment.

There are countless reasons why America serves as a beacon of freedom to nations around the world, but you can trace them all back to our most fundamental values. It is more important than ever that we educate our youngsters with these patriotic principles.

America is one of the oldest living democracies. We boast the first complete written constitution, and many countries model their constitutions after ours. Our founders implemented an unparalleled system of checks and balances that guards against authoritarianism. Even with all those checks against federal power, America is still the most generous nation in the world in terms of charitable giving. Still, many find a way to ignore these basic facts.

People across the globe are familiar with “the American Dream,” and for good reason: America is the land of opportunity. In the U.S., we cherish various freedoms that other countries lack such as the right to free expression and the right to bear arms. Millions of Americans have given their lives on behalf of liberty for all – whether it was protecting Western Civilization from Nazi Germany or fighting radical Islamic terrorism abroad in order to prevent another 9/11. It is clear why so many are motivated to put their lives on the line for America – it is a nation worth preserving. 

In order for younger generations to carry on the values that have always made America exceptional, our children must understand the significance of our national symbols and traditions. Every child should have a proper civics education in which they are taught the importance of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. They should also understand that the American flag isn’t just a decoration. It tells the story of our nation: the red stripes symbolize valor and bravery, the white stripes purity and innocence, and the blue background vigilance, perseverance, and justice. Unfortunately, today, many schools do not celebrate these basic values. Instead, they condemn America for her faults. The predictable result is a generation of Americans who resent their own country.

Ronald Reagan famously said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction…” and he was exactly right. As we mark 247 years of our country’s independence, we must reawaken a culture of patriotism by teaching the next generation why America is the greatest nation on earth. Our future depends on it.