The Left is Waging a War on Women

May 15, 2023

Mother’s Day is an important time for us to come together with our loved ones and recognize the pivotal role mothers play in our families and our lives. In the Blackburn family, I celebrated my daughter and daughter-in-law, and I took time to remember my mother and grandmother, who had such a profound influence on my life. Spending the day celebrating and appreciating the mothers in our lives is a wonderful reminder of how important women are, not only in our families, but in our society as a whole. And it is more important now than ever that we preserve a culture for our children and grandchildren where women are respected and empowered, not pushed to the sidelines.  


The unfortunate reality is that the Left is waging a full-scale campaign to undermine women and push them out of the public sphere. To appease the demands of the radical left, the Biden administration and Democrats across the country are attempting to redefine what it means to be a woman. The effects of this radical agenda are heartbreaking: women and girls are being pushed aside and replaced by biological males in sports, jobs, and even in the sacred role of mother. This is not the future any of us want for our daughters and granddaughters.  


The absurdity of the Left’s attempt to defy reality and redefine what it means to be a woman was on full display during the most recent Supreme Court confirmation hearing. Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson could not even provide me with a simple definition of the word “woman.” When I pressed her on it, she replied, “I’m not a biologist.” Most Americans were left speechless. How could someone who is supposed to be one of the brightest legal minds today be unable to tell me what a woman is? Since that moment, the Merriam-Webster dictionary changed the definition of the word “woman,” and the media is abandoning “women” in favor of “birthing people” and “people who menstruate.” It is almost comedic that the Left is denying science and basic common sense to appease the transgender movement. But it makes sense in the bigger picture: Refusing to define the word “woman” is the first step in replacing us. 


Thankfully, most Americans recognize how absurd and dangerous the Left’s war on women is. Unlike Justice Jackson, a new poll from The Washington Post shows that most adults believe that gender is determined by people’s sex at birth. Sixty-six percent of adults believe that biological men should not be able to compete in high school sports with girls, and sixty-five percent say the same about college sports. Unfortunately, Democrats don’t care what the American people think, and they are pushing forward with their campaign to silence and suppress women whether we like it or not. 


We’re seeing this now more than ever in women's sports, where fairness and safety have gone by the wayside as women and girls are being forced to compete with biological men. Last year, I talked to former NCAA swimmer and Tennessean Riley Gaines on Unmuted with Marsha about this very issue. When she tied Lia Thomas, a biological male, for fifth place in the Women's 200-meter freestyle NCAA Championships, Riley told me she “was shocked.” To add insult to injury, Lia was given the trophy, while Riley was told she would have to wait to have one mailed to her. 


The Democratic Party has taken women for granted for years, believing they can displace biological women with men who masquerade as women and still rely on their vote. But biological women are not second-class citizens, and we cannot sit idly by and accept the Left’s attempt to push us aside. The Left is working overtime to undo the equality that women like Susan B. Anthony, Lide Smith Meriwether, and Anne Dallas Dudley fought for decades to achieve, and if we don’t speak up, they will use their power to silence and suppress us once and for all.