Joe’s Out Of Touch State Of The Union Didn’t Reassure Anyone

February 13, 2023

Last week, President Biden spent the majority of his 1-hour 13-minute State of the Union address touting a dubious list of “accomplishments” and celebrating unsustainable social programs and green energy schemes. He even dared to take a foreign policy victory lap just days after he allowed a Chinese surveillance balloon to float across the entire continental U.S. unchallenged. Judging by their response, Democrats in Washington think Joe Biden has done an outstanding job. So why do most Americans disagree?


Only 41% of Americans approve of Biden’s job performance, while 71% think our country is on the wrong track. A mere 37% of his own party thinks he should have a second term. 


The American people have had enough, and rightfully so. On the day that Joe Biden walked into the Oval Office, inflation was 1.4%. Just four months in, his wasteful spending caused price spikes of 5%. Unfortunately for our pocketbooks, inflation has not gone away and even reached a shocking 9.1% in June 2021. Unsurprisingly, President Biden sang a different tune last Tuesday, claiming the economy was stalling until he arrived and turned it around. “We’re building an economy where no one's left behind,” he crowed. Sure, Mr. President. Tell that to the Tennesseans who paid $5.61 for a dozen eggs in December. 


President Biden’s message on immigration wasn’t any more reassuring because it was practically nonexistent. He spent more time talking about baggage fees for airlines than he did acknowledging the raging crisis at the border, where Border Patrol has reported over 4.5 million illegal immigrant encounters in two years. Drug overdoses – largely driven by fentanyl flowing across the border – have become the leading cause of death for young adults 18-45 years old. And yet, instead of taking responsibility and securing the border, what did he do? He blamed Congress for his problems. 


Biden’s defense of his domestic policy agenda failed miserably, but his biggest blunder of the night was his choice to glaze over Beijing’s latest provocation. The surveillance balloon incident was nagging everyone’s mind; even the Democrats were furious. He could have told us how he planned to hold the CCP accountable for their violation of U.S. airspace. He could have reassured us that it would never happen again. And yet, the only thing he did was nonsensically yell, “name me a world leader who’d change places with Xi Jinping!” Based on his record, what on earth is Joe talking about?


President Biden’s State of the Union address proved that he and his White House “experts” don’t know the American people like they think they do. They believe that if they spin the narrative in just the right way, we might be naive enough to fall for it. Meanwhile, they can evade responsibility and spew one too many propositions to control our lives, hoping one or two will stick. They’re wrong. Tennesseans see right through their ploy. Joe Biden’s America is not an America for all, and his out-of-touch State of the Union address didn’t do his agenda any favors.