The Left Has An Agenda, But Tennesseans Have A Vision

September 26, 2022

The Volunteer State thrives because of the dedication of its local leaders. That’s why every year I’ve served in the United States Senate, I have prioritized meeting with community leaders, business owners, manufacturers, and families from each of Tennessee’s 95 counties. This year on my 95 county tour, Tennesseans had one message for Democrats in Washington: Joe Biden’s socialist agenda will destroy our vision for the future.


Tennesseans have seen firsthand how spending in Washington translates directly to higher prices here at home. Since inauguration day, Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats have spent $3.8 trillion on their partisan priorities and pushed prices up by over 13% overall. This spending and the resulting inflation will cost Tennesseans an extra $7,386 next year. Rising prices have put families in the difficult position of triaging basic necessities and deciding what they can go without until their next paycheck hits. Simply put, Joe Biden’s inflation has made life too expensive for Americans to afford.


Small business owners I met with in Crossville shared with me that paying employees, keeping an inventory, and nearly all financial aspects of running a business have become more difficult. In Jackson County, leaders have had to re-work and cut back on school bus routes, and in Dayton, officials suspended important public works projects because the cost of gas and supplies is out of reach. All across the state, local leaders are addressing these financial challenges by shuffling budgets and cutting costs, and in Washington, I introduced legislation to bring the Volunteer State’s fiscal responsibility to D.C. My bill will keep the left’s spending in check by putting a hold on the Democrats’ taxpayer-funded credit card during periods of high inflation


Biden’s economic policies have also wreaked havoc on American supply chains. The constant flow of executive orders and tax hikes have forced many manufacturers overseas, and the resulting long wait times for parts have put a tremendous strain on domestic producers. In spite of this, our local leaders have managed to keep Tennessee a haven for production. Folks in Clarksville and Stanton made it abundantly clear during my visits that the best thing we can do to protect our economy is to bring factories and suppliers back to U.S. soil. I’m working to implement their ideas on a national scale by securing the American supply chain and fostering American innovation.


While running up a tab on the taxpayers’ dime, Democrats were also busy undermining American law and order. Biden’s open border invited a wave of deadly drugs into Tennessee. One sheriff I talked to said the drugs they used to seize in ounces, they now measure in pounds. 


With law enforcement already struggling to manage the fentanyl crisis, the ‘defund the police’ movement has made their job all the more difficult. Tennesseans need no reminder of the heartbreaking toll that progressive policies and underfunded law enforcement agencies can take on a community. After speaking with law enforcement in Memphis and statewide agencies, I led the Restoring Law and Order Act with Senator Hagerty to give law enforcement the resources they need to keep our state safe. 


Undeniably, Tennesseans are fighting an uphill battle when it comes to overcoming the left’s disastrous policies. Though Democrats in the White House and Congress are pursuing an agenda that is destroying America, my 95 county tour reaffirmed that Tennessee leaders are charging ahead with a positive vision for the future. I consider it an honor to continue to work with leaders from all across the Volunteer State and to continue to put their vision into nationwide action.