How Long Will Democrats Wage War On Tennessee Families?

June 21, 2022

This weekend in Tennessee, we celebrated the fathers and grandfathers in our lives. But while we were focused on family, the left was working to make life more difficult for Volunteer State parents. 


For proof of this party-line plot, look no further than the state of our economy. Under Democrat leadership, inflation has reached a 40-year high. At gas pumps nationwide, a gallon of gas will cost an average of $5.00, and filling up a grocery cart is over 10% more expensive than it was last year. Meanwhile, Democrats in Congress are begging for Green New Deal agenda items instead of slowing spending to lower inflation. But, the left's penchant for making life tougher on working families extends beyond economic concerns. At our border, the left is enabling drug cartels and human traffickers. As a result, our cities and suburbs are being overtaken with crime and illicit drugs. 


Amid this government-caused chaos, the left is pushing for even more government control. In schools, radical bureaucrats are actively working to freeze parents out of their children’s medical decisions and in some cases even helping underage students access hormone therapy without parental consent. When it comes to curriculum, Joe Biden would rather listen to teachers' unions about Critical Race Theory (CRT) than talk to parents about what kind of support would help their kids succeed. This government overreach comes as the White House continues their campaign for dependence on handouts courtesy of the American taxpayer.

Tennessee parents have caught on to the left's scheme to make life harder and government reliance easier. What the Democrats have ignored is that parents don't need their help – they need big government to get out of their way. Our country is built on strong family units, who, for generations, have worked together to build a better America for their children and grandchildren. Instead of fighting for priorities that work against parents, the left needs to listen to the moms and dads raising the next generation. 


Parents in the Volunteer State are smart. They know what is best for their kids – and they know that the left’s war on families is also a war on this country’s bright future. It's time for Joe Biden’s big government to get out of the way and let Tennessee moms and dads do their jobs.