Biden's Border Policy Reversal Plays Politics With Safety

April 11, 2022

When Joe Biden was on the campaign trail, he promised Americans that "Our Best Days Still Lie Ahead." But as president, he has made it his mission to dwell on the past by methodically erasing the progress made by President Trump. Biden's recent announcement that he will abandon the Title 42 immigration policy is his most drastic move yet to make every town a border town and every state a border state.


There is little disagreement that the U.S.-Mexico border is falling apart. Since Biden took office, more than 2.2 million illegal immigrants have been arrested along the border. This uncontrolled migration has invited a deadly wave of illegal drugs, human traffickers, and dangerous criminals into the United States. During the last two weeks of March, officials in El Paso, Texas seized more than 100 pounds of drugs and arrested 37 fugitives, including a murderer, a pedophile, and multiple drug dealers. This influx of criminal activity doesn't stop at border towns. In Memphis, Tennessee, Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) officers have seized more than 2,500 pounds of drugs this year alone.  


Instead of supporting policies to build the wall or back law enforcement, the White House is choosing to make the border less secure. Reversing President Trump's Title 42 policy will make it all the more difficult for CBP officers to quickly send illegal immigrants back to their home country. Even Biden administration officials admit that abandoning their Title 42 authority will cause an "influx of people to the border." With no alternative security measures in sight, DHS expects one million migrants will cross the border within six weeks. 


If the administration is aware of the crisis along the southern border and the devastating impact of eliminating Title 42, why would they even consider such a radical policy shift? CDC Director Rochelle Walensky recently wrote that there is "no longer a public health justification” for maintaining Title 42 restrictions, but this claim is inconsistent with the administration’s other COVID-related policies. Despite there “no longer” being a justification for public health measures at the border, the Biden administration is pushing for another $10 billion for COVID relief, continued mandates for masks on airplanes, and another extension on student loan repayments. 


In Washington, I am determined to keep this radical agenda in check. I introduced legislation last year to stop the Biden administration from overturning Title 42, and I led the charge back in May to stop the White House from busing migrants into communities like Chattanooga. Biden would rather rubber-stamp a hypocritical and harmful reversal of President Trump's progress, but I will not stop pushing for the policies Tennesseans demand. 


Before Biden was sworn in, he promised that our best days are ahead, but as president, he's done everything in his power to appease the far-left at our expense. His White House is working overtime to reverse all of President Trump's successes instead of prioritizing America’s safety. It's time for Biden to stop taking policy advice from the extremists in his party and start listening to the needs of the nation.