Senator Blackburn And Congressman McCaul Introduce Legislation Strengthening American Presence at the United Nations

July 28, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) along with Congressman Michael McCaul (R-Texas) introduced the United Nations Transparency and Accountability Act to strengthen America’s role in the UN and expose member nations that fail to uphold the United Nations Charter.


“Authoritarian regimes, such as the Chinese Communist Party, cannot be allowed to continue their uncontested malign activity at the United Nations,” said Senator Blackburn. “My legislation with House Foreign Affairs Committee Ranking Member McCaul will strengthen America’s influence as a key UN member nation and expose the threat adversarial countries pose to international organizations. This work is critical to holding authoritarian regimes accountable for their relentless campaigns against democracy and human rights.”


“For far too long, the Chinese Communist Party and other malign actors have infiltrated the United Nations in pursuit of their own goals,” Congressman McCaul said. “Key reforms are necessary to increase transparency and ensure accountability in the UN system. By having strong U.S. engagement and leadership, we can better counteract our adversaries who try to undermine the founding ideals of the United Nations and prevent us from solving international problems.”




Exposes Authoritarian Actors Within the United Nations


• Requires the Secretary of State to report on UN Member States determined to be engaged in malign influence operations within the UN system and actions inconsistent with the UN Charter.

• Empowers the President to name countries found to be conducting malign influence operations within the UN system as “malign global actors.”


Supports United States Engagement in the United Nations


• Authorizes the Office of Multilateral Strategy and Personnel with the Bureau of International Organization Affairs.

• The Office will advocate for employment of American citizens within all International Organizations (IO) of which the US is a member and coordinate interagency support for American and specific non-American candidates for leadership or oversight roles within IOs.

• Directs the Secretary of State to increase the number of US sponsored Junior Professional Officer Positions by 50%.


Requires Transparency and Accountability for United States Contributions to the United Nations


• Codifies and expands current reporting practices regarding US contributions to the UN.

• Requires that the reports be posted online and publicly accessible within 14 days of submission to Congress.