ICYMI: Blackburn Calls On Biden To Back Peaceful Protesters Against Communist Cuban Regime

July 12, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) called on President Biden to draw a line in the sand against the communist Cuban regime and back peaceful protesters facing a deadly assault.



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The Media Is Sweeping Cuba’s Communist Oppression Under The Rug


“Much of the mainstream media reporting on these protests makes it sound as if everything is pandemic related. But what's happening in Cuba is not an economic fluke, and every single person serving in this body, working in the media, and analyzing the policy implications know better than to say otherwise. This isn't the pop socialism touted by the American left. It's not fashionable. There is no empowerment or equality in the socialist regime. There is just starvation, shortages, violence, and failure for 62 years.”


President Biden Must Draw A Line In The Sand Against Communism


“The ruling communists have bled the Cuban people dry and now armed thugs have taken to the streets to repress the opposition at any cost. Make no mistake. This is a test for President Biden. He must draw a line in the sand. I call on my colleagues in the majority, on President Biden, and the members of his cabinet to join me in supporting all who would risk their lives to expose the ravages of socialism in Cuba.”


We Cannot Ignore The Protestors’ Demands For Freedom


“We cannot stand by while communist thugs gun down their own people. We cannot let this become another Venezuela. Just as we stand with the freedom fighters suffering in Hong Kong, on mainland China, and in other socialist regimes around the world, we must stand with the people of Cuba.”