Americans' Are Done Paying for Biden's Radical Agenda

July 12, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) delivered floor remarks regarding Biden's radical six months of his presidency.


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Madam President, meanwhile, we are 6 months into a new era in

American politics. The Biden administration is still treating

government like a graduate seminar, and the American people are still

wondering when their President is going to stop catering to the radical

left and start doing his job.

As I was back home in Tennessee, I found out many Tennesseans are

absolutely disgusted. They have decided that our Democratic colleagues

are not serious about doing serious work. Their priorities and the

President's priorities have never been further apart.

They are looking at those line items the administration is checking

off, and all they can see is what the administration refuses to

acknowledge; that there are very real consequences to this out-of-

control agenda.

When President Biden killed the Keystone XL Pipeline, Tennesseans did

not cheer. All they saw on the horizon were higher gas prices and a

vulnerable fuel supply chain.

Not 4 months after Biden signed the Executive order, the Colonial

Pipeline hack showed us what can happen when something interrupts the

supply chain.

When President Biden opened the border, they knew better than to

believe all the hype about this so-called solution to our immigration

crisis, and their instincts were spot on. Now the chaos tearing apart

communities in the American Southwest is bleeding into communities in


For Democrats here in DC, all of those line items came with zero

consequences. Instead of focusing on reality, they are making policy

based on a perfect world scenario where consequences are simply

collateral damage.

Of course, here in the real world, when you talk about collateral

damage, you are really referring to the people who pay the price for

all of these absurd policies.

You know, we read a lot in the news these days about what a struggle

it is for the Senate majority to get their bills to the President's


No struggle over legislation or pay-fors will ever compare to what

you are putting the average American through. If we want to talk about

pay-fors, let's talk about how Americans are supposed to pay for gas to

get to and from work. What happens when they just can't afford it


Inflation is already taking a toll on the average family's ability to

pay for their weekly groceries. Supply chain problems have made

concerns over paying for raw materials like lumber obsolete. There is

nothing to pay for.

The American people have lost so many simple things that used to be

not easy but manageable. But now, when they ask Washington to shape up

and give them a break, all they get in return is the assurance that

struggle and loss is all part of the plan.

It is July, and we still haven't seen a reasonable infrastructure

proposal. No, instead, what we have is a truly insulting two-bill

scheme that Senate Democrats concocted in lieu of a mandate for their

radical environmental agenda.

What will the American people get from this scheme? Well, just a

fraction of what could be the largest spending initiative in history

will go toward the roads, bridges, and broadband connections that

people actually need and are willing to pay for.

If Democrats want the more radical line items, they will have to

force it through by abusing the reconciliation process. In a sane

world, this wouldn't even be a choice. They wouldn't do it because

Democrats know that the kind of spending they are talking about will

exacerbate inflation and increase the deficit.

Meanwhile, Senate Democrats have all but ignored their duty to keep

the country secure. In May, Customs and Border Protection caught more

than 180,000 people trying to cross our southern border. Drug seizures

were up 18 percent across the Nation. As of the end of June this year,

CBP has arrested more than 1 million migrants trying to come into this

country. That is right. By the end of June, CBP has arrested more than

1 million migrants trying to come into the country.

This is a vulnerability, and I would ask my Democratic colleagues and

President Biden why they are not more concerned about it.

I would also ask why they are not more concerned about the impending

collapse in Afghanistan. The dominos are falling. Iran wasted no time

stepping in to negotiate a deal between the Afghan Government and the


Let's be clear what the Biden administration has done here. By

turning their backs on 20 years of hard work and sacrifice in

Afghanistan, they created a power vacuum in a strategically important

region, knowing that the world's most belligerent state sponsor of

terror was waiting to fill the gap.

It is time for President Biden to start listening to the people

paying the price for his radical agenda. They feel like they are losing

their country. They are talking to us about their fear of losing their

country and their freedom. They are out of time, and I will tell you

what, they are about to be out of patience.

If you bothered to ask them what they want, they would tell you get

the spending under control; keep this country and our allies safe; and

stop distracting yourself with wish list projects that serve no one but

the most radical elements of the Democratic Party. They are not willing

to pay for that wish list.

I yield the floor.