Blackburn Hosts Women’s Empowerment Roundtable

March 16, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R—Tenn.) hosted a virtual roundtable with women leaders to discuss the silencing of conservative voices.

“It is conservative women that are going to put this country back on track,” said Senator Marsha Blackburn. “That is where the leadership is going to come because we are so given to making certain that the future is there for our children [and] for our grandchildren.”

Making Our Voices Heard

“The remedy to media silencing, is to proclaim the truth even louder…We as conservative women need to speak louder than the media that attempts to silence us.”— Kayleigh McEnany, Former White House Press Secretary & Fox News Analyst

“Now, you can’t speak even one bit of truth. And we know why. We know anytime light is shone into darkness, darkness is exposed.” Star Parker, Founder of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education

“We have to normalize being a conservative woman. We have to inspire these young women to speak out and show that they are not alone on all these college campuses.”—Karin Lips, Founder & President of Network of enlightened Women (NeW)

Empowering Women In Leadership

“I really believe that the greatest achievement in terms of where we are as women is that we are seeing more women in positions of power…Women are now more than ever willing to run for office whether its local, state, or at a federal level. I think that we’ve all realized that we have to speak up. We cannot be silenced by the left.”— Mercedes Schlapp, Former Senior Advisor to Donald J. Trump for President

“It was such a proud moment when [Justice Amy Coney Barrett] was finally confirmed. But, right beforehand we were doing an event in front of the Supreme Court, and it was really brought home just how desperately angry people were to keep her story and to keep the image of regular women being out there supporting Amy Coney Barrett.”– Andrea Bottner, Senior Advisor to Independent Women’s Forum

Calling Out The Left’s Equity Push

“The way that the left defines equity is watering us all down to be the same. So taking away anyone’s individualistic character, taking away their ability to make their decisions and to chart their own path which makes them different from other people.”— Katie Pavlich, Fox News Contributor and Editor

“I’m afraid that is what the left [is doing] is no different than the communist Chinese party as far as they are not leading by principle, they are leading by their own self-interest.”—Ambassador Kelly Craft, Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations

“Women are being threatened in our safe spaces—women’s prisons, women’s domestic violence shelters, and women’s sports teams—under this false notion that men and women are simply interchangeable.”—Penny Nance, CEO & President of Concerned Women for America (CWA)

“Equity is essentially redistribution of wealth. It is big government. It is making sure everyone ends up in the same place. It is not equality of opportunity, which is what we on the conservative side believe…It is big government essentially moving us towards socialism.”—Kimberley Strassel, Columnist The Wall Street Journal


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