Blackburn: The Paris Climate Accord is Destroying American Jobs

February 23, 2021

Today, Senator Marsha Blackburn (R—Tenn.) spoke on the Senate floor to criticize the effort to re-join the Paris Climate Accords.


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Partial Transcript Below:

“When former President Trump formally withdrew from the Paris Climate Accords in 2019, economists, business owners, and budget watchdogs all breathed a sigh of relief because they knew that adherence to the Paris Climate Accords would put the United States at a competitive disadvantage. This wasn't a partisan debate, mind you. This was US-based companies. US-based companies that were saying thank you for withdrawing because adhering to this when other countries who were our competitor will not adhere puts us at a disadvantage. Now, with the Climate Accords, by 2035, we would have seen hundreds of thousands of people lose their jobs, household electric bills go up as much as 20%, and an aggregate GDP freefall of $2.5 trillion. That is the cost. That is the cost of my way or the highway. That is the cost of putting other countries and their agenda ahead of us, the cost of their non-compliance.”— Senator Marsha Blackburn (R—Tenn.)