Blackburn Introduces Measures to Push Back Against the Left’s Radical Agenda

February 4, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn introduced over a dozen different measures to counteract the left’s radical agenda.

“Today I introduced over a dozen different amendments to counteract a radical, leftist agenda that is already putting our nation on the wrong path,” said Senator Blackburn.

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Blackburn Introduced Measures To:



Senator Blackburn Also Introduced Measures To:


  • Support and encourage community-based organizations that support mental health and suicide prevention


    • S.AMDT.189 supports organizations like Operation Stand-Down Tennessee, that provide comprehensive support services, including crisis resources and assistance to address and prevent servicemember and veteran suicide.


  • Ban the removal of any longstanding religious symbol used in memorial to or spiritual care of veterans


    • S.AMDT.190 recognizes the essential role that faith plays in the lives of many of the veterans, and the importance of the 75 religious emblem of belief symbols available for placement on government headstones or grave markers.    


  • Develop a cost-effective, operational cybersecurity for the US manufacturing supply chain.


    • S.AMDT.191 protects the intellectual property of small- to medium-sized manufacturers who lack the financial and technical resources to establish cybersecurity for their equipment.


  • Raise awareness about the importance of routine childhood vaccinations aligning with the COVID-19 vaccine.


  • Improve the personnel management system of the Transportation Security Administration so it operates at a level superior to the General Schedule and other systems under Title 5, United States Code.


  • Prohibit DOJ slush fund settlements to third-party groups.