Blackburn Warns Of Democrat Debt Disaster

December 1, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) spoke on the floor of the U.S. Senate regarding inflation and the rising deficit.


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From The Gas Pump To The Grocery Store, Inflation Is Hurting Families


“This administration is doing all it can to force the country onto a path that the people have said time and again they don't want to travel this path. It’s not where they want to go. By all accounts, businesses are at least a year out from a return to normal, which we continue to hear a lot about. Everybody would like to be back to pre-pandemic normal. Our supply chains are a mess, ships that are loaded with goods cannot get to ports, inflation is unfortunately here to stay. It definitely wasn't transitory, and families are having an increasingly difficult time putting food on the table and gas in the car because a dollar doesn't go as far as it once went.”


Democrats Have Lost The Confidence Of The American People


“This week, we're facing the prospect of yet another government shutdown, which means yet another 11th hour opportunity for my Democratic colleagues to complain about Republican obstruction… The people driving the ship have lost all sense of direction and in doing so, they are losing the faith the American people had put in them.”


Stop The Reckless Spending And Safeguard The American Dream For Future Generations


“In Tennessee, we would say that our friends across the aisle are in the middle of a good old fashioned come apart. And there's one way and only one way to reverse the damage, and that is to stop worrying about politics and pushing the leftist agenda and start worrying about meeting the needs of the American people, not only today, but the needs of our children and grandchildren. What are we going to do to their hopes and their dreams for living their version of the American dream?... We have a job to do here and the sooner my Democratic colleagues remember that fact, the sooner they will be able to earn back the faith and the trust of the American people.”