Blackburn Urges President Biden To Act Before Putin Executes A Land Grab In Ukraine

November 24, 2021

NASHVILLE, TENN. – U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) urged President Joe Biden to take leadership on the global stage to prevent Russia from executing a land grab in Ukraine.


“Reports that the Russian military has built up around 90,000 troops on the Ukraine border are quite unsettling,” said Senator Blackburn. “President Biden has an opportunity to act decisively through sanctions, sales of lethal assistance to Ukraine, and clear diplomatic messaging to Vladimir Putin, and he must do so. As the leader of the free world, Biden should also work with our NATO partners and allies to confront Russian aggression.”


“We know that Putin has a long history of using national events to distract from his malign actions: he invaded Georgia during the 2008 Beijing Olympics and Crimea at the end of the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Now, the 2022 Beijing Olympics are imminent, and he is once again menacing the people of Ukraine.”

“Allowing Putin to execute a land grab in Ukraine would also embolden other malign entities such as the Chinese Communist Party. Putin frames Ukraine just as Xi frames Taiwan: through both nationalistic and false historical lenses. President Biden must send a strong signal to Putin, Xi, and other brutal strongmen around the world that the United States will not condone violent takeovers of vulnerable nations. He can do this right now by standing up for Ukraine, and reaffirming that the Ukrainians are faithful friends to the United States who have every right to defend their sovereignty.”