Blackburn Calls Out the ‘Gods’ of Silicon Valley

November 17, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C. – At today’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) grilled Big Tech CEOs Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Jack Dorsey of Twitter for acting as the Gods of Silicon Valley.

Zuckerberg and Dorsey Act as the Gods of Silicon Valley

“You act invincible and your employees act like you are the Gods of the Silicon Valley…We have asked you repeatedly through the years for greater transparency and to accept more responsibility. You have chosen to do neither so it's up to us change existing law to hold you to account on behalf of the American people. The Section 230 reforms that we are going to put in place will take away this liability shield that you turned into an opaque wall that you and your moderators are hiding behind.”

Prioritizing Profit Over Principle

After Mark Zuckerberg admitted under questioning that Facebook censored users in Vietnam, Turkey and Russia at the behest of authoritarian regimes, Senator Blackburn stated, “I think you put profit over principle…Last year China's top regulator spent over $800,000 dollars to advertise and promote China to the American people on Facebook. The point of all of this is for us to protect people and to protect human rights.”

Blackburn Censored by Facebook for Standing Up to Cancel Culture 

“On Facebook, I wrote in a post… ‘The Trump Accountability Project is the epitome of the cancel culture. Our nation has long benefitted from robust political debate. This effort to silence those who support our president is vile.’ As you can tell from this statement, nothing was said about the election or the results, either directly or indirectly. But somehow, I got slapped with your elections flag sticker. What each of you need to realize and you have heard it time and again today is that you say that you don't keep lists, obviously you have lists. Because there are some of us who are regularly censored and called [out] by your content moderators.”

Big Tech is Running Amuck and Silencing Conservatives

“What you [Mark and Jack] are doing with your power that you have derived, because federal law gave you the ability to stand up and grow without being hit by lawsuits, you have used this power to run amuck. You have used it to silence conservatives. You have it used it to build your lists. You have used this power to act like you hold all the power, that you can make these decisions. You have driven this cancel culture because you have not called to account your moderators. You have refused to take responsibility for your employees and their actions.”

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