THURSDAY WRAP UP: Sen. Blackburn Tackles Big Tech, Gun Violence & Immigration

September 12, 2019


Senator Blackburn convened a Senate Judiciary Tech Task Force meeting on data portability:

Today, the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Tech Task Force was joined by a panel of industry leaders. After the meeting, Senator Blackburn said the following:

“American consumers are asking for more control over their presence online – they want to own their ‘Virtual You’,” said Senator Blackburn. “Today, the Tech Task Force heard from businesses like Airbnb and Lyft about privacy policies that build consumer trust, as well as smaller firms like FreeWheel seeking to innovate. We also heard from privacy experts who pushed for greater data portability and interoperability, which would be beneficial to startups and consumers.”


While awaiting a possible announcement from President Trump today, Senator Blackburn weighed in on the gun debate on Fox News’ Outnumbered Overtime with Harris Faulkner:

“There is no one that wants someone who has a mental illness or is unstable or is a threat to themselves or others to have a gun or any type of weapon in their possession…. A group of law enforcement officers and sheriffs from Upper East Tennessee brought up both of these issues: juvenile records and having more beds in facilities, as two things that there should be agreement on.”

To watch the full segment, click below or HERE.

Sen Blackburn on Outnumbered with Harris Faulkner


Senator Blackburn spoke on the Senate floor about the bill that she introduced this week with Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa), the End Child Trafficking Now Act.

“Traffickers have really built a big business—a very big and profitable business—on moving drugs and desperate human cargo across the border. Sometimes these individuals make it; and sometimes the “guides” leave their charges to die, to die alone in the desert. Rumors of abuse, assault, gang rape have manifested, and been proven, true. Border patrol agents at most ports of entry administer pregnancy tests to girls as young as 12 years of age. While we waste time arguing over talking points, monsters, absolute monsters, are dragging children into the crosshairs of an international crisis.”

To watch the full floor speech, click below or HERE.

Sen Blackburn speaks on Protecting Migrant Children from Human Traffickers at Border 9.12.19