Senate Democrats Block Blackburn Bill to End Child Trafficking at Southern Border

May 23, 2024

Today, Senate Democrats blocked U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn’s (R-Tenn.) attempt to pass her End Child Trafficking Now Act by unanimous consent. Last year, the Biden administration ended all familial DNA testing at the border. This legislation would require a DNA test to determine the relationship between illegal immigrants coming across the border and any accompanying children. Below are excerpts of her remarks.

“I have come to the floor to talk about the Biden administration ending a policy that we had during the Trump years, and it was familial DNA testing at the southern border.”

“Nobody has benefited more from this reckless decision of the Biden administration than these cartels that are abusing and recycling minors to help illegal aliens.”

“While more than 400,000 migrant children have crossed our border under this administration, reports show us that as many as 30 percent of those children that are DNA tested by border agents are not related to the illegal aliens who are posing as their family members.”

“Protecting migrant children should not be controversial. But if my Democrat colleagues object, they are making their position clear on this issue.”

Click here to watch her remarks.