Blackburn On Fox: Xi And Putin See Biden As Weak

March 21, 2023

U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) slammed the Biden administration today for weak leadership that has emboldened dictators like Communist China’s President Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin to take advantage of the United States. Blackburn’s comments come as Xi and Putin meet in Moscow, Russia. 


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Under Biden, Our Adversaries Don’t Fear Us

“John Kirby is wrong on what [the Biden administration] perceive[s], and perception is reality. And Martha, when they look at Joe Biden, they see someone who is weak, who I think they believe is compromised, and he is not going after them. He doesn't go after them on Great Power Competition, on the trillion-dollar trade deficit that we had this last year with China. He's not going after them on COVID, or fentanyl, or TikTok -- things that are harming our people. And because Joe Biden will not stand up, the perception by Xi and Putin is that he is weak.”


Biden Is Giving Xi Runway For Path To Global Domination

“I think you have to go back to Afghanistan to see when they started driving themselves closer together. But even several years ago, Martha, Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea were busy creating what I call the New Axis of Evil and looking for ways to partner up. Now they're doing that, and you are seeing Xi, who is given to the 21st century being the China century. By 2050, he plans to be globally dominant. He has a weak president of the United States in Joe Biden. He isn't being challenged by Anthony Blinken. He feels as if our military is standing back. We wouldn't even go get a spy balloon out of the air. We let it go all across the country.” 


Biden Should Put The CCP On Notice And Reaffirm Our Place On The World Stage

“I would pick up that phone, and I would call Xi Jinping and say, ‘look, you are killing our people with fentanyl. You're supplying that to the cartels. You cut it out and come clean on COVID, or you see that trillion-dollar trade deficit we had with you? That is going to evaporate.’ [Biden] should be sanctioning members of the Chinese Communist Party that are carrying this out… This needs to stop, and this President of the United States will not make that call. Now, he ought not to be sending anybody over to China. Blinken shouldn't be trying to reschedule his trip. This is Joe Biden's responsibility, and Xi Jinping should have to come and meet with Joe Biden, not have our people going and groveling and trying to establish some kind of accord with the Chinese Communist Party.”